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christian education

There are many ways to get involved at Friendly. From serving on Sunday Morning during any of our worship services or connecting within the community throughout the week, there's a ministry that could you can join. Below you will find a list of our ministries that you can join today!

The first way to get started is with the Discipleship Class, which all new members of Friendly are requested to attend to get involved with any other ministries. Unable to attend at the listed time, you may contact the discipleship team to get alternative times.

Once you find the ministry perfect for you, click the "Join Now" button and complete the contact form and your information will be sent to that Ministry Lead for follow up.

Greeters & Ushers


Sunday School

Children's Church Youth Ministry YouTube Channel

Intercessory Prayer Team

Deacons & Ministers

Signers (ASL)

Friendly Mass Choir

Friendly Ensemble Click Here for Auditions

Friendly Male Chorus

Robert Fulton Specials Children's Choir

Performing Arts Team

Media Ministry

Friendly Temple Band

Family Enrichment Development

Student Spotlight Click to Nominate a Student



Alzheimer's Support Group

Job Training & Placement

Little Red Schoolhouse: Legal Ministry

Carrie Myers Scholarship Click Here to Apply

Friendly Business Network

House Blessing Click Here to Submit

Friendly Book Club Click Here to Join

Decorating & Beautification

Angel Tree & Prison Project


Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Noah's Ark Summer Camp

Outside These Walls

Financial & Computer Literacy

Home Delivered Meals

Food & Clothing Outreach

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